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Nantucket Resource Partnership Awarded $250K Grant For Food Insecurity

Nantucket Current • July 27, 2023

The Nantucket Resource Partnership (NRP), a non-profit that aims to develop community-wide systems to provide social services across the island, has received a $250,000 Food Security and Infrastructure Grant from The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

“We’re quite pleased, very pleased,” Brian Lenane, president of NRP’s board, told the Current this week.

The grant is restricted to the development of technology focused on food systems and security. NRP plans to use the grant to determine what specific investments would go the furthest to reducing food insecurity on Nantucket.

CFN awards $300,000 in grants

Nantucket Inquirer • Aug 4, 2022

The Community Foundation for Nantucket announced this week that it has awarded just over $300,000 in grant funding to 27 island nonprofits through its Nantucket Fund.

The fund focuses primarily on organizations in the island’s social services network, with grants going to a variety of programs including summer school for island children to Food Pantry support, Meals on Wheels helping build affordable-housing units.

“The programs supported through the Nantucket Fund tell the story of our ever-changing community, its diverse needs and people, and why the Nantucket Fund is so important. The work nonprofit leaders and the staff do every day supports our community in meaningful and impactful ways”, Community Foundation program director Sunny Daily said.

The Nantucket Resource Partnership with Tracy and Brooke

ACK FM in the Morning • Podcast • June 30, 2022

Tracy Nichols and Brooke Mohr talk with Andrew about food insecurity on the island and a recent donation of $10,000 from Stop and Shop to the Nantucket Resource Partnership (NRP) to fight hunger on Nantucket.

Food Insecurity On Nantucket: How Big Is The Problem?

Nantucket Current • June 6, 2022

Thousands of people on Nantucket are impacted by food insecurity, and while there is a lack of data to clearly measure the island’s problem, it is likely far more widespread and complex than most understand.

Those are among the key conclusions of a new Food Insecurity Report published by the Boston-based consulting firm Process First that includes new Nantucket-specific research, interviews with island stakeholders and partners, as well as a group of English, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking island residents who shared their experiences.

Social Services Advocates Launch New Non-Profit: Nantucket Resource Partnership

Nantucket Current • March 23, 2022

A new non-profit has formed to connect and streamline social services on Nantucket, and it’s launching an immediate effort to tackle the vexing issue of food insecurity on the island.

The Nantucket Resource Partnership has been founded by Tracy Nichols, Pauline Cronin, Brian Lenane and Brooke Mohr to “develop community-wide systems that will enhance the provision of social services on Nantucket.” The organization will soon have a mid-island office, and plans to hire a director by July.


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